The Depths of my Despair

My days are bleak and lonely, no joy exists within,

 Troubles in abundance, led me to this place I’m in!

Feeling sorrow and despair, unworthy and a mess,

 I hear laughter all around me, ambition and success!


But what of me, or where I am?    Who can relieve me of this pain?

 Even those who love me, can’t lift me up again!

What can I do, where can I go?  No way out can I see,

 Engulfed in growing anxiousness and insecurity!


O Lord above, please help me, if you can hear this prayer!

 I cry out in my brokenness of sorrow and despair!

Can you give me hope again?  Bring purpose to my life?

 Can peace and joy reign in my heart, overcoming all my strife?


Why should you care about me, Lord?  Undeserving soul, I am!

 And yet, you know my every deed…..and still, reach out your hand!

I feel my heart already stirred, and reach out, your hand to grasp,

 A desire so strong within me, I feel that hope at last!


There’s new strength born within my heart; it wasn’t there before!

 The tears are welling in my eyes, as my pain comes to the fore!

And Lord, I sense you know my pain, and it all, I share with you,

 Releasing my great burden, is what I need to do!


Exhausted, yet exhilarated, peace soothes my very soul,

 Understanding my emotions, moving upwards now my goal!

O Lord, my God, I thank you, for what you’ve done for me,

 Lifted me from the depths of despair, shown me love and set me free!


Onwards and Upwards………..