Welcome to Portlethen Christian Fellowship, an evangelical church based in Portlethen, Aberdeenshire. Please have a look through our site to find out more details about our church, and if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sunday Services

Our Sunday services are a split between two locations, one in Portlethen's Porty Cabin one week, and the following week either attending ACF Union Grove, Aberdeen building. Watching online is also an option every week.

Porty Cabin Services

We gather around 2:00pm before starting our short service at 2:15pm.

Alternate Sunday Services

The service begins at 10:30pm and you can either watch the livestream or by using the Aberdeen Christian Fellowship YouTube page.


February 25 X
March 3 Xc
10 X
17 X
24 Xc
Easter @ Jubilee Hall 31 X
April 7 Xc
14 X
21 Xc
28 X
c - denotes communion


mainly music

Tues, 10:00am - 11:30am: mainly music is a fun and interactive music programme for parents and caregivers to enjoy with their child from age 0 to 5 years of age. It consisting of 30 minutes of singing and rhymes followed by a snack, free play, and a chat for the big people! Cost is £3 per family per session. It meets in the Jubilee Hall, Cookston Road, Portlethen. Please contact Jennie on 07725 989 147 for more details.

Note that the program takes breaks during the Aberdeenshire School Holidays.


Weds, 7:30pm: Meet in the home of Jennie & Graham Norrie in the Duffshill area. We have a time of study, sharing and prayer. Please contact Graham on 07931 676 055 or hgnorrie@gmail.com for more details.


Thurs, 7:00pm - 9:00pm: Our craft group meets at the Porty Cabin, Cookston Road, Portlethen. Come and enjoy some creativity in a relaxed setting, with fellow crafters to chat with, and a cuppa and cake into the evening. We invite you to take your own projects along, for example: knitting, sewing etc or your own project choice and on the first week of the month, Irene will lead our Card-making sessions, which are always enjoyed. We meet weekly with a small fee towards costs per session. For more info, contact Frances on 07740 427 272.

RSS Sermons

  • Abraham's Journey Pt.7 February 26, 2024
    Pastor Vijay Pillai continues our series on Abraham's Journey. Vijay looks at Genesis 17:1 - 18:18. Vijay begins with talking about circumcision and who falls under God's covenant. He then moves onto Abraham and Sarah being visited by 3 surprise visitors.
  • Abraham's Journey Pt.6 & The Current Conflict in the Middle East February 20, 2024
    Derek continues the series on Abraham's Journey while also speaking about the current conflict in the middle east. Derek reads Genesis 17:1-14 & focuses on 3 Main topics:  The life of following God for old and new testament believers   Following God has external aspects (obedience & conduct) and internal conflicts (heart attitude) The vexed and […]
  • Abrahams Journey Pt.5 February 12, 2024
    Florence continues the series of Abrahams Journey by looking at Genesis chapter 16. Sarai, Abrams wife is unable to have children, and offers her maid servant Hagar to Abraham. Hagar is treated poorly by her mistress and runs away. She is later found by god in the desert. There she is conforted in the fact […]