The Song of the Father

When your world falls silent it allows Gods song over you to be heard.  Quietly and beautifully rising deep in your being.  Each note falling like April showers quenching your thirsty soul.  Mending your broken heart and washing away the silt from past pain.  Streams of pure living water fresh from the throne of grace.  Rejoice in sorrow as it is only in that place you realise the depths Jesus will go to heal your heart and make it clean.  To wash your eyes so they can see and open your ears so you can here the melody of the Father as his lullaby of peace envelopes your soul.

2 thoughts on “The Song of the Father

  1. What is Love?
    Love a smile that brightens your day,
    Love is a word that helps guide your way;
    Love is a hug when you need reassured,
    Love is a touch when you want to be cured.

    Love is a service given for life,
    Love is a glance to super us in strife;
    Love is a presence that never goes away,
    Love is a gift you don’t to repay.

    Love puts up with our worst and nurtures our best;
    Love forgives us our faults, our sons and the rest;
    Love accepts as we are, and sets us aright,
    Love fills us with grace to share His true light.

    Love’s name is Jesus.

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