Seasons for the Soul

What a difference a week makes. The seasons don’t wait. They come and go by divine passage. Never lingering long enough for complacency to take root. The seasons of the Lord are much the same. Our lives ever changing and evolving as we walk this road he has placed us on. Spiritual winter is hard but essential to let the dead things go. Today is the sign in the heavens that a time for hunkering down into the warmth of his embrace has come. Rest in his presence as you hide in the shadow of his wings. Safe in the knowledge that Spring is ahead and a time for regrowth. Let our seasons be rooted in the Lord and not in the fickle ways of man. The Father never gives up on his children so even if your Winter of the soul looks bleak please remember the saviour has gone ahead of you and stands in the fields of Spring beckoning you forward with an outstretched arm. Winter passes like the clouds on a windy day. The Lords love endures forever ❤️